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Here Are The 10 Most Innovative Digital Ad Products of 2014

Google, Snapchat, Facebook and the rest reshape the industry

It wasn't long ago when social media advertising just meant Facebook and digital advertising only reached desktop computers. Well, 2014 saw an explosion in the Internet ecosystem, which has become increasingly mobile with more media-rich formats than ever.

The largest players like Facebook and Google innovated and newcomers such as Snapchat offered ad space that theretofore didn't exist. So here's a look back at a year where fresh ad units routinely emerged onto the scene.

The search advertising giant showed that it wants to take on Amazon as much as any of its other rivals, and it developed its e-commerce platform to do just that, not only with services like home delivery but evolved search ads that more seamlessly include retail. In early 2014, Product Listing Ads, which show up in certain searches directing users to retailers online, were now rolled into campaigns. The new shopping campaigns give retailers more control over when their ads show up in searches and for what products. Google even has tools that let retailers indicate what products are available at the nearest physical store.

In September, Google also launched AdSense for Shopping, which shows product ads on third-party websites. It's all very Amazon, and all part of Google's one-stop shop to track everything from ad served to product delivered.
Snapchat's Sponsored Updates

The youth-focused messaging app didn't take long to get into advertising with sponsored snaps ("snaps" are what Snapchat legions call their momentary messages on the platform) that show up in users' inboxes. The Universal Pictures movie Ouija was the first to buy the new mobile video format, which opens a new channel for social media marketing—especially in terms of reaching young people.

Also, its live feed, which crowdsources Snapchat messages at events like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, now features commercials mixed in with the snaps from everyday users. For instance, Amazon sponsored Black Friday on Snapchat.
Instagram Sponsored Video

Now with more than 300 million users, Instagram had its first full year of advertising in 2014. Its newest ad product introduced autoplay sponsored videos, and brands from Disney to Electronic Arts to Banana Republic were the first to try them out. 

The video offering comes on top of sponsored photos, which were first served in 2013. CEO Kevin Systrom is trying to cultivate a stylish advertising vibe not unlike the glossy pages of a magazine only this is digital, mobile and multimedia, and he still apparently approves all of the marketing on a case-by-case basis.
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