Thursday, November 13, 2014

sourav Malhotra

8 Sex Positions for a Good Romantic Day

We might be perfect, but we all have those dreaded fat days when looking at your naked self is abhorrent, let alone having your man see you. Feeling pudgy is but normal when PMSing or after festival celebrations are done. So worry not, put your fat fears to rest and try these sex positions with a twist to get the temperature soaring in the bedroom.
Positions that gets the temperature soaring in the bedroom.
Reverse GOT: Ask him to lie on the bed and sit on top of him facing the other side. Make sure you keep both your feet as close to each other as possible to increase friction and add to the pleasure. Hold his feet and move up and down. It sure will be a night to remember.

Electric slide: Lie on your stomach on the bed and keep your legs slightly apart. Put a pillow under your stomach and thrust your pelvic region out. Raise your legs from the knee and let your man join you. Rest on your elbows and move with a rhythm. As you clench and unclench your butt muscles and put pressure on your biceps, the sex will get better along with the sweaty workout. It’s a win-win situation for the both of you.
Doggy-Style: Going on your fours will hide any of the bulges you are trying to hide.  Imagine you are doing push-ups while in this position and work your arms up and down with every thrust.  Sex can’t get any more interesting than this.

Spooning: It’s the easiest position that guarantees maximum pleasure. Snuggle up to each other and lie down on the bed with your back facing him as you make love.  It provides constant stimulation to your G-spot, increases friction and helps achieve orgasm.

Ballerina: Like the spooning position, this sex position is intimate and has your partner holding you throughout the act. Lie beside him and lift your top leg, holding it outstretched in the air. Let him put his leg between yours as he enters you from behind and starts the slow move.

Face away: Let your man sit on a chair and rest his back. Sit on his lap but don’t face him. Keep your legs on the ground as you rock his world up and down. The best part about this position is that you will both have your hands free to discover each other’s bodies and explore every sensitive part.

Side by side: Lie side by side, facing each other with your stomach touching and let him ease him inside you slowly. Move sensually and feel the pressure building. The best part about this position is that you can hug and kiss your partner and feel very close to him. Bend your knees to increase the penetration and drive him crazy.

Lazy boy: There are times men don’t want to do the work, instead want their woman to do it all and give them the best climax of their life. Let him lie on the bed and relax while you sit on him and ride him. To make it exciting, let him enter you while you face the other side. Not being able to see your face might be a big turn on.

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