Tuesday, August 12, 2014

sourav Malhotra

Invest Without Any Sector Or Market Bias

Birla Mutual FundOpportunities can come from companies big and small, from new industries or old ones. It may also keep changing; today one company or sector yields spectacular returns; tomorrow, another might overshadow it. 

The fund has a multi cap investment style with no sector or market cap bias which gives the fund manager the flexibility to
invest in companies with different market cap. The scheme intends to maintain equity allocation of >90% and has the flexibility to move within different market
caps and / or sector.

The scheme would adopt top-down and bottom-up approach of investing and will aim at being diversified across various industries and / or sectors and / or market capitalisation. Some of these could be turnaround companies, while some could be contrarian calls with a certain level of conviction that these businesses have good long term prospects. The investment emphasis of the scheme would be on identifying companies with sound corporate management and prospects of good future growth. Essentially, the focus would be on stocks driven by long-term fundamentals. Short-term opportunities would also be seized, provided underlying values support these opportunities.



Presenting, Birla Sun Life Equity Fund (BSL Equity Fund) which looks for opportunities without any sectoral or size bias with the aim of giving you long term capital growth.

sourav Malhotra

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