Thursday, July 17, 2014

sourav Malhotra

Ensure Your Family's Financial Security

Have you thought what will happen to your dependants and your responsibilities if something untoward happens to you?

Ensure your family’s financial security in case of death.

A low cost life insurance with high risk cover, term life insurance , might just be the solution. The purpose of term insurance is to replace your income in case of an eventuality. If you have adequate term insurance and such a situation arises during the specified term, your life insurance amount will make it possible for your family to have sufficient funds to take care of your basic responsibilities and remain self sustaining. Term Insurance is taken for a fixed duration generally up to 30 years or up to the maximum renewal age specified by the insuring company. It provides coverage till the time you maintain the insurance and ceases if you outlive the term. In its true sense, there is no cash value acquired on a term insurance plan (without return of premium ) unless it has a return of premium condition attached. 
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Easypolicy simply makes insurance easy. With Easypolicy, you may rest assured that you are making the right choice for your insurance policy. We not only offer quotes from various insurance companies, but also make price-feature comparisons for our users to see what each company has to offer. Moreover, we assist you with important information in a friendly interface, which helps you understand the intimidating world of insurance better so that you can make an informed choice.  

sourav Malhotra

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