Sunday, September 18, 2016

sourav Malhotra

Link From Blog Review

When it comes to earning money online, Link From Blog is one of the best platform that helps Advertisers meets Bloggers to post reviews about their products and services through their blog posts. Here at this platform, advertiser can take advantage of bloggers and their blog posts to launch their advertising campaigns for their products and services that will help get huge amount of traffic to their websites.  At Link From Blog, a blogger can register as many blogs where they write blog posts for and about the advertisers and their campaigns and make lots of money with them, In short, it is one of the best platform for new or potential bloggers to make some extra earning by writing blog posts.

Link From Blog – An Overview:

It is an innovative and easy to use Advertise with my Blogblog advertising platform established in 2008, which helps advertiser search blog with their Pagerank, Alexa Ranking and other parameters. At this platform, an advertiser can manage various campaigns at the same time and they can see the exact price charged by the blogger for writing about their services.

On the other hand, Link From Blog for bloggers is an ethic and 100% legal way to earn money online through their blogs just by posting adequate and quality contents about the products and services. It is very simple to start earning by posting reviews. Once you register as a blogger, you will be needed to activate your blog by putting their links on your blog post and then wait for it to be activated by the moderator. After activation, just pick up the offer that appeals you and after choosing the offer, send an invitation to advertiser regarding your review proposal stating the amount you will charge for that review. Once an advertiser accepts your invitation, write your reviews and then wait for the advertiser to be accepted your post and collect your payments once your review gets approved by the advertiser. 

sourav Malhotra

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