Monday, October 26, 2015

sourav Malhotra

Beauty services raise cash for breast cancer, domestic violence prevention

FAIRFIELD — The text came in about 6 a.m. reading “let’s get our hair done.”
A few hours later, Corina and Cherrie Fontelera were sitting in the chairs at the Luxe Locks Extension Salon & Spa on the upper level of Solano Town Center mall.
The sisters were enjoying drastically reduced prices on a hair cut and eyelashes while raising money for The Sharon Randolph Foundation and the Advocates Against Domestic Violence in The African-American Community.
Corina Fontelera had a picture on her cellphone of the hair cut she wanted, which took off several inches.
Cherrie Fontelera was a little more conservative, opting to get a trim on her long locks.
The event was a win-win, Cherrie Fontelera said. She and her sister would leave with new looks and two nonprofits would earn some money.
The sisters said there is a history of cancer on their mother’s side of the family.
Stylists at Luxe Locks Extension Salon & Spa volunteered their time. Steven Weaver, whose mother is a breast cancer survivor, cut Corina Fontelera’s hair.

Salon manager Shalon McMiller said this is the third year for the cut-a-thon that also offered pink and purple hair extensions, colors used in the fights against breast cancer and domestic violence.
“It’s something I can do to help,” she said.

McMiller, who moved the salon into Solano Town Center in March, also opened up space for Rosalyn M. Spradley, with the Advocates Against Domestic Violence, and Stacy Hogg, with The Sharon Randolph Foundation, to share information.
Hogg’s mother, Sharon Randolph, died of breast cancer in 2000. Randolph was 46.
The Sharon Randolph Foundation offers two programs, one that helps with financial hardships such as paying the power bill and buying groceries. Hogg said she thought national foundations would help her mother with such costs. They didn’t.
She and her sister joined forces to get their mother health care.
“We felt hopeless,” she said. “We had no knowledge of cancer.”
The foundation also offers nonsurgical hair replacements to women who are undergoing chemotherapy. Hogg works in the field.
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When Spradley retired, she knew she wanted to find a worthy cause to give some time to. She worked with other domestic violence prevention programs before launching her own. Spradley said she saw a need for culturally specific services.
The focus is on education, she said, adding that her organization is not there to replace existing programs, just to augment them.
Domestic violence is an epidemic, Spradley said.
“It’s a silent crime,” she said. “People are ashamed. We are just trying to educate the community.”
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