Sunday, October 19, 2014

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'You Are Someone's Friend': Watch Facebook's First-Ever Campaign for the Japanese Market

Online and Out-of-Home Ad From W&K Wonders If Your Friend Is Thinking About You Too


Here's a first look at Facebook's first-ever campaign for the Japanese market, created by Wieden & Kennedy Tokyo. Called "You Are Someone's Friend," it's just launched online, on video screens at train stations -- including a five-screen installation at the famous Shibuya Crossing just outside Tokyo's Shibuya Station -- and on Facebook Japan.
It was directed by Oscar-nominee Zachary Heinzerling and features a voiceover by the actor Ryo Katsuji. If you don't speak Japanese, here's a translation of what he's saying:

She is someone's friend.

These people are too.

She is.

He is.

And she is also someone's friend.

Sometimes we are mothers, sisters and children.

Everyone is someone's friend.

Now, think of your friend.

Did his face come into your mind?

A friend is someone who is both special and precious.

But the most amazing thing is, your friend may be thinking of you too at this moment. -

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