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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

sourav Malhotra

5 Tips For A Better Health

 Our body is our temple and we must take care of it to live a healthier life. Do you know more than 70% of peoples in the globe are suffering from health issues. That’s weird, but true! Think of your body as a shell to take you through life. If we repeatedly mishandle it with junk, unhealthy foods, you body will get weak. We may look fit from outside but from inside our body will get block with cholesterol and other diseases. That’s not good for us. 

Life is so beautiful and we do not want to stick up with unnecessary health issues. Our vital organs (like lungs, kidney, heart, liver, stomach etc) may be working well today but they may get damaged tomorrow if we continue heaving unhygienic foods that are like poison for our body.

Good health is not just about the healthy eating or looking healthy for outside – it also includes positive attitude, mental health and mainly a healthy lifestyle. In this article, I’ll share you some tips to have a healthier lifestyle.
  • Drink more water: Most of us actually don't drink enough water daily but the water is essential to make our body functions in a better way. Even our body is made up with 60% of water. It is important to restore water as our body loses water in routine through urine, sweating, breathing etc.
Moreover, drinking enough water also aids in losing pounds. A study have showed that  the peoples with regular water intake lose more weight than the others. The researchers believe that drinking more water makes fills our stomach and make us less hungry.

The amount if water we need, depends upon the various factors like humidity, our activities or weight, but we must drink 2.7 to 3.7 liters of water regularly to make our body healthy. Some of the signs that shows you are not getting enough includes: dry lips, dry mouth, sudden food cravings, reduced urination or change in urine color etc. So, just go and get some water 
  • Get enough sleep When you don’t sleep well or when you don’t take proper rest, you compensate it with eating usually with junk food that makes our body unhealthy form inside. Lack of sleep also effects on your memory, health, looks, ability to lose weight and even it lowers down your sex drive. Also, insufficient sleep cause premature aging like dark circles, eye bags etc and I bet you wouldn’t want that. So get proper sleep and make your body fit and healthy.
  • Meditate : Meditation is being relaxed and thoughtless. In simple, it makes our mind and body relax and calm our soul. Study proves that it not only decreases the stress but it also has the some well defines health benefits like improved immunity level and decreased pain. It also sharpens the memory and attention power. If you are worrying about how to meditate, just go through this to get started with meditation.
  • Exercise : Do exercise, not just a few times in a week, but regularly. Research has shown that regular exercise brings some delightful benefits to our health including, control on body weight, higher bone density, tackle many health problems and diseases, enhances mood and boosts up energy and also zests up your sex life. So, increase physical activities in your life like: choose walking instead of transports for shorter distance, try to sue stairs in place of lift, do cycling, join some aerobics classes, do workouts, take up a sport you like etc.
  • Eat Fruits & Vegetables : Fruits and veggies provides various health benefits, even the dietary guidelines recommend to make one half your plate with fruits and veggies as it provides essential nutrients (Potassium, vitamins, fiber etc) to the body and make us healthy form inside. Eating a healthy diet rich in veggies and fruits help reduce heart diseases, protects against cancers, reduces constipation and make our body healthy.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

sam malhotra

Know How Nike Brilliantly Ruined Olympic Marketing!

Today's strict brand guidelines date back to one moment in '96 By Robert Klara

Unless you happen to be a company like GE, Coca-Cola or McDonald's—a brand that can afford the reported $100 million to $200 million it costs to be an official Olympic sponsor—you'd better not mention the Rio games in your marketing.

As social-savvy marketers have quickly learned, the U.S. Olympic Committee has ironclad regulations, backed by U.S. trademark law, that restrain nonsponsoring brands from saying anything even vaguely evocative of the Olympics. A casual mention of Rio on Facebook? A congratulatory tweet to a gold medalist? Even tweeting the term "gold medal"? Don't do it.

"There's a good chance they'll come after you, especially if you're using what they consider their intellectual property," said Jim Andrews, svp at sports and entertainment marketing agency ESP Properties. "Most brands don't do it because it's not worth the risk." The IOC reportedly has a pack of lawyers waiting to pounce on any brand that runs afoul of its rules.

But have you ever wondered how those rules got so ridiculously tight?

The IOC has zealously guarded its trademarks for decades, of course, but if there was one tipping point, it happened 20 years ago, during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. And on July 29, 1996, two pieces of history were made—the athletic kind and the marketing kind.

A Golden Opportunity

That afternoon, sprinter Michael Johnson took the gold in the 400-meter dash after finishing in 43.49 seconds. Tall, muscular and graceful, Johnson blew past his competitors as though they were standing still. Adding to the mesmerizing effect were the gold-colored shoes that Johnson wore on the world's fastest feet—a $30,000 pair of lightweight racing spikes given to Johnson by Nike.

Not only did millions of TV viewers see those Nike shoes on their screens, millions of Americans saw those same shoes slung around Johnson's neck a few days later on the cover of Time. It was hard to imagine a more successful piece of marketing for any Olympic sponsor.

Except for one little problem: Nike wasn't an Olympic sponsor.

Instead of paying for an official sponsorship, Nike decided it could get its brand into the 1996 games in other ways—and Johnson's gold shoes were just the beginning.

The brand opened an outsized "Nike Centre" right beside the athletes' village. Nike also distributed flags to fans, guaranteeing that its swoosh logo would be in full view all over the property.

Such tactics infuriated Reebok, which had ponied up a reported $50 million to become an official sponsor, and had a similar effect on Olympic officials.

What's more, according to veteran sports marketer and Columbia University professor Joe Favorito, Nike's marketing shenanigans were largely responsible for Olympic officials taking a hard line on nonsponsoring brands getting anywhere near the Olympics in their marketing. (The United States Olympic Committee did not respond to Adweek's request for comment for this story.)

What Nike did in Atlanta 20 years ago, Favorito said, "directly resulted in the much more stringent guidelines that both the IOC and the USOC have out there today. Anyone who goes over the line will be pushed back."

If the IOC is showing its teeth to transgressor brands today, it cut those teeth in 1996. But even though Nike did manage to get lots of cheap media exposure from its ambush marketing, the brand didn't exactly come out of Atlanta a winner.

Bold Moves and Backlash

Nike's marketing had a distinctly abrasive edge to it. For example, the brand's magazine ads blared: "If you're not here to win, you're a tourist." Nike also bought billboards space all over Atlanta to announce: "You don't win silver, you lose gold."

To some members of the public, such talk ran contrary to the spirit of good sportsmanship.
"Nike took a lot of flack for that campaign," Andrews said. "It wasn't in the spirit of the games. There's a lot of consumer love for the Olympics and the athletes, and that [marketing] just crossed the line for a lot of people."

Those people included many of the athletes and, of course, the USOC itself. Michael Paynewas the marketing coordinator for the Olympics that year. As Payne recounts in his 2012 book Olympic Turnaround: "Athletes, who had devoted their life [sic] to training and just getting to the Olympics, were angry at being positioned as 'failures.' ... We weren't going to sit back and let Nike's ambush marketing undermine and trash the very spirit and essence of the Olympic ideal."

By Payne's account, the USOC was prepared to round up a bunch of silver medalists to speak out against Nike publicly, and drew the brand into a closed-door meeting that nearly came to physical blows. Nike softened its tactics, Payne suggests, after realizing that its "campaign was backfiring" and by the time the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney came around, the brand "showed it was an Olympic convert" by becoming an official sponsor.
Read Full Content Here At : Adweek.com
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Monday, August 8, 2016

sam malhotra

The Best And Easy Way To Build Muscles, Try Crazy Bulk Supplements

Building the human body is not a simple task to accomplish. To obtain this completed inside the fastest way you should consider some elements. Do joint exercises or among that will be to carry some heavyweights. You'll find numerous exercise programs On Earth Wide Web today however the best and best muscle development plans are squats benchpresses, deadlifts and, obviously. However, going to gym isn't enough. It's often very important to incorporate balance diet within your health system as it renew the missing nutrients within your body whilst having your extreme activities and can certainly help tone up muscle tissue. And last but not minimal, you should provide the body plenty of sleep repair cells and to create more muscles.

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One of the excellent rewards a person will get from cardio workouts like cycling and working are lower quantities of cholesterol and blood pressure, enhanced heart health. However, it's still crucial to include some weight exercises for your training program.

Like, a typical person mainly eliminate half of a pound of muscle each year which means to a growth and some energy reduction in fat. You can find healthy gains that you can get from additional muscles. In the first place, putting some muscle tissue could prevent bone problems. The next advantage is since it might help burn more calories it could encourage positive affect fat loss goals. In addition to that, it might permit you to conduct your daily tasks. And undoubtedly, it may cause you to appear and feel good about yourself.

For anyone who is interested to change a healthier lifestyle, the 1st thing you have to learn how to do successfully would be to build muscles. Among the identified methods for achieving this is by improving the testosterone level of one. How will you do this correctly then?

There are certainly a variety of methods to increase the testosterone level of your body. You can test heavy lifting, consuming large-protein food and getting adequate sleep. However, obtaining this type of target may be fairly tough for you if you should be not able to give the full time for sleeping like what players and body builders do, eating healthy and instruction. On the list of items that may prevent your workout sessions are work and property tasks thus, you should handle everything, whether partner or your child keeps you late at night. However, among the most complicated components that the person often people would be to get enough vitamins due to their body to build up more muscles.

Worry no further as the best musclebuilding products might help you create your imagined body be realized having a well-toned muscles. These procedures are testosterone and the protein enhancing products as this allows nutrition actually on your own busy times.
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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

sam malhotra

Side Effects of DECADURO (Deca Durabolin) - You Must Know!

Some people don't realize so how severe the unwanted effects of Decadura are, although there are a lot of unwanted effects of steroid use.

Here are a few items that you've to understand concerning the adverse effects of DECADURO (Deca Durabolin) Steroids use:

Your body desires to effectively sustain a hormonal balance, however you're routinely delivering a signal-to your body to shutdown its organic production of hormones when you take Decadura. Although, the amount of hormone inhibition really varies with respect to the kind of hormone.

Orally the game of the liver may affect. Some experts state that this can be a sign of possible harm to the liver.

Among the common unwanted effects of Decadura is elevated degrees of "bad cholesterol" in the torso and reduced quantities of "good cholesterol". Many alleged "safe steroids" really boost the degree of estrogen in the torso which could not cause male - in male steroid users like breast tissue. Female steroid users may create enlarged clitoris, strong heavy sounds and development of body hair.

Players who take advantage of steroids might wind up experiencing increased unpleasant oozy-puss-packed acne! Aggressiveness is increased. You will find actually some steroids which are recognized to quit the development of individuals who utilize them before they've actually done growing although this specific impact is more prone to influence steroid users that are considered to be very intense! The individual may never develop an inch higher! This problem is permanent!

The reason being your body's hormones are changed throughout the utilization of these steroids. Some results are merely permanent regardless of how difficult one tries though, you will find Options to Prevent Unwanted Effects of Steroid use, as previously mentioned above.

Alternatives to Prevent Unwanted Effects of DECADURO (Deca Durabolin) Steroid

1. Don't use Decadura steroids...whatsoever!

2. Getting involved with extracurricular activities one method to prevent the ramifications of steroid use, the reason being exercise maintains your body in good condition and cleans your body of toxic compounds.

3. Look for safe choices that will assist one to improve look and your performance. There are lots of products available on the market which contain organic and secure elements to assist you obtain your objective of getting lean muscle mass.

4. Create perseverence to stay away from Decadura regardless of how convinced you're to use it. Remember, there's no such thing like a "good steroid". Several steroid suppliers tell lies to obtain individuals to buy their goods - don't be confused!

It's very important to keep in your mind the adverse impact of steroids isn't any child's play.

AABB knows all there's to understand about body exercise and it has created lots of articles on Side effects of DECADURO (Deca Durabolin) [http://www.crazybulksupplements.com/].
Learn more about Options to Prevent Side effects of DECADURO (Deca Durabolin) at [http://www.crazybulksupplements.com/decaduro-deca-durabolin-review/].
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

sam malhotra

Eventually, The Reality About Max Gain Xtreme Testosterone Booster!

Anyone are taught by the pro manual to Max Gain Xtreme Testosterone Products concerning the items accessible that might help raise your levels. Study what's suggested application regarding maximum outcomes and offered.

Max Gain Xtreme is just a person in a substance type. Max Gain Xtreme it is proven to possess a major position in stopping melanoma and is well known to get meaning in muscle building, healing panic, gout, erectile-dysfunction that was irritation. Max Gain Xtreme is well known to enhance testosterone potentiating its effects and when specifically inserted to the testicle regarding reabsorption that was highest.

Possess the materials shown like the sums although the choice isn't to really have an amazing method. In the event the substance quantities aren't shown producer does not need one to discover how they've mixed the elements ( due to reduce amounts ). To help you attempt the merchandise using hardly any threat the Max Gain Xtreme we advocate possess hundred PERCENT money-back guarantee. Since they are position behind their merchandise these suppliers are carrying this out.

Prevent organized meals, and refined, manufactured. Obesity and elevated pounds can cause levels that are lower. INCH Transforming your nutritional habits could make a positive change not simply for your testosterone levels but for your possibility regarding heart-disease and diabetes. Begin by eliminating adjusting your diet plan organized food, and ready-made, manufactured. Do not continue accident diets. The signs that are incorrect may be notably sent by reducing energy for your physique, that will not improve testosterone. The week rather, minimize on your energy by about 15-percent.

Which will be precisely what placebo do…It is incredible tome how several individuals definitely comprehend the placebo consequence, the ability of it, and just how everybody, struggling to handle the very fact their mind operates like everyone otherwise, desires to assume they're this 1 individual defense to it. We recommend you think about my ebook, if you should be thinking about the specific technology of Max Gain Xtreme products.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

sam malhotra

Shocking *Legal Steroids* Reviews - Does It Really Works?

I concern weightlifting an is along exercised by by my muscles when I possibly could possibly. In reality photographer Ron Schaff affirms that he has been doing before photos about the same morning!
There may be located a huge selection of websites presenting instruction that was comprehensive on situation fitness regimen ; be it fast muscles obtain, weight reduction that was overnight, or methods to gain muscles and reduce weight concurrently! Legal Steroids are currently seeking strategies specially to achieve these ambitions, and tend to be numerous plenty of online sellers ready provide it inside. The programs that are sophisticated own advertised usually possess a connected with factors relating. Much like Legal Steroids with recommendations for the people who choose to shed weight, when typically fat loss could be the thing, are just a couple of parameters that are sound that influence so how superior could be. When typically how-to realize muscles could be the goal, and, predictably, , three phrases also repeat essentially the most prosperous construction gaining routines.

Many in addition you has to be pick exercise journals up neglect to accomplish this. Orlando more claims that area seems having an advertising and considers they requires Legal Steroids that does not usually mean he's n't acquiring one more thing. While they does consider Legal Steroids he factors that wish desire to believe just about all he's acquiring then must be wiser than who.

Nowadays, applied buy Steroids in three techniques. Initial, you obtain sters in druggist that are specialised that provide them simply by prescribed from a physician. Subsequent, you're able to Legal Steroids " manually " in fitness centers and athletics, wherever they're distributed illicitly. Last but not least, you are able to Legal Steroids online through specific outlets.

Execute quickly program, optimally 6 weeks, where to look at response regarding this organism today to draw results. The results are superb, despite having small amounts of Steroids delicate if a player attempts the period a junk doping, when performed appropriate.

If you achieve this point then you certainly almost certainly have the needed time as it can certainly get to workout, particularly, involves to the least 5 to SEVERAL time 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately it simply helps one other FIVE % are gained by you - left, which unsurprisingly feel can be a waste of moment.. It truly is one of many key reasons why folks stick with weight training, Legal Steroids, and high intensity interval training workout instead.

You discover, it's not likely the Legal Steroids that does it 's. It is the proven fact that you're not depending on Legal Steroids to fuel the human body to get a 24-hour that is single situation. Consider it; your system runs on the somewhat constant supply of energy all-day, consequently an individual give it in spurts, your system sets and commences to help to using who is keep power as opposed. Eating Appropriate Steroids every day finally conditions the human body to use the power anyone present it - and use it today - since it appreciates that more is not far-off. There's no require retailer the vitality (fat) for after. Looks wise?

Legal Steroids at this moment deemed controlled chemicals within the united states. There are a large amount of items you might need to consider before purchasing is the several types of Steroids that are appropriate accessible. These could have their own report on drawbacks and seasoned that you ought to realize pertaining to. You need to find out about the Steroids as the approach they influence the machine may change based just what otherwise an individual using also. You must often be sure the Steroids you're, are infact Legal
they might be expensive, receiving up to $ 1000 on your preliminary evaluation, although advancement facilities are wonderful! There is more troublesome a little it is simple to dry cyst. The Legal Steroids diet should become your top intention that is crucial.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

sam malhotra

Nutra Forskolin - Get Slim Body Without Side Effects!

Their consumers realize they should prevent processed grain. Dinners must revolve around protein and greens. They need to simply can be found in the post-workout, if Nutra Forskolin to be contained in a meal period, and even then, must solely be from lovely potato, fruits, or possibly brown rice or quinoa.

Number. It will be really accelerated by it. If it did not, our types ( and also other carnivores like you ) would not get survived in to the modern era. Think of it: Ones old ancestor is out cruising the flatlands of Cameras within a moment of shortages. She's desires Forskolin and hungry. If her metabolism slowed-down, she would unable to pursuit the animals she areas down by the water opening. But she is up for that pursuit, because her body, metabolically primed for your search, is burning kept not thin within food's absence, just like yours is to the 8 - Time Diet. Muscle mass—it aids are, similar to yours, likewise maintained by her routine of feasts and fasting in the hunt but also increases metabolism for that huge cost.
Physique is prepared to store those energy as fat, as it is been told by your diet” that meals is Nutra Forskolin, and it might be quite a while before you eat again, so you'd superior package on several easy-to - retailer, slow -to-burn fat. And you also 'd superior retain that fat what! Intermittent fasting can be a regularly-scheduled, prepared abstinence from meals. There are lots of ways to doit : a number of people do it on or one-day a week unique events, refusing to eat from sundown one day until sundown the next common strategy that is day—the in religious observance.

The data we give in this article isn't widely unknown among the public, so you do not ever realize the truth if you don't read it. And so you might not ever have the benefits you desire so horribly. This is additionally although an enjoyable small read hugely beneficial. We ai not accomplished my career, should you n't realize the true facts about HOWTO reduce weight ten moments from now having Nutra Forskolin!

For the relaxation folks, but, there is generally not insufficient Nutra Forskolin located while in the liver to fulfill energy requirements that are immediate ; the human body knobs to using fat, should you burn during that. To begin with, congrats. You're beginning an improved area compared to the relaxation folks omnivores. Merely modify the Nutra Forskolin asneeded. Certainly, you will not be consuming meat, therefore use your protein swaps that are absolute best to generally meet that category. Ditto the bean curd modifications ( soy milk ) regarding dairy, if you should be not performing the cow issue. Otherwise, you're good still and to go natural get slim. Unless I am lost anything concerning the energy needed to transform a caloric into electricity is not same? Cheers!
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Monday, June 6, 2016

sam malhotra

Food Marketing Trends You Need to Know About!

From culinary catwalks to whimsical wrappers  

If Sriracha is so 2015, what's the new flavor sensation for 2016 and beyond? Mother In Law's 
Called the Organic Valley Coffee Shop, this unique pop-up store opened in Manhattan a few weeks ago to lines a dozen deep. The caffeine-seeking crowd didn't know, but soon found out, that the joint sold only Organic Valley Half & Half in sizes like Lil Bit, Double and Lotta, a not-so-subtle poke in the eye to a certain mega chain. The whole venture, in fact, was sort of a goof, but it made for great video starring a folksy dairy farmer chatting up Nolita hipsters. (They paid $2 for the creamer but got their cups of joe for free, so no one left without their fix).

The stunt, engineered by ad agency Humanaut, is an example of unexpected, breakthrough marketing that's happening across the food world, where origin stories, even if they're served up with a side of Punk'd, matter more than ever.

Adweek takes a look at this and other trends that run the gamut from packaging innovation—turn that burger box into a high-tech toy—to the hottest flavors emerging on the scene. What we found: food is fashion, food is political, food is a battleground, but it's not just for adults. It's no accident that a bunch of 8-year-olds can cook better than you. Take a look at our roundup here:

1. Eatertainment

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners created a four-episode telenovela, dubbed Botanas del Cielo (Snacks from Heaven) to hype client Tostitos' new chips and salsa, and Hamburger Helper dropped a (shockingly good) five-track hip-hop mixtape called "Watch the Stove" that quickly became a viral hit this spring, snagging upwards of 4 million plays on SoundCloud in its first few days.

Ad agency Humanaut, meantime, stepped up its satire and stunts for Organic Valley, showing that food marketers have a sense of humor and understand the halo effect of quality branded content. "Food can only take itself so seriously," said David Littlejohn, Humanaut's founder, chief creative director. "And if you do something fun and surprising, the brand gets credit in a way they never do when they're interrupting your sitcom."

Competition is fierce for creating shareworthy branded bits, he said, but the payoff can be huge. And the investment? Even a five-figure video can turn into a viral success. Marketers, forever eyeing the bottom line, seem to be more open than ever to this kind of digital experimentation. "Brands are realizing they need to have a voice," Littlejohn said, "because they're actors in the culture."

2. Be P.C. 


Is it cage-free, grass-fed, fair trade, non-GMO, sustainably raised and locally grown? Bonus points for heirloom or ancient. Consumers are demanding more morally conscious, real food as brand packaging and advertising increasingly takes note. It's gone beyond Deutsch's happy cows, for the California Milk Advisory Board, to U.K. retailer Waitrose live-streaming video of its supplier farms, which is just as pastoral as it sounds. Consumers want to know exactly what they're eating and where it's from, which, CEO and founder of Fexy Media's SeriousEats.com Ed Levine says, shows their food sophistication, environmental awareness and "respect for the craft."

"People crave authenticity," he said. "They really want to know the provenance of the food and whose hands were in the dough."

And woe to those who fudge the story, as food fans are quick to ferret out hypocrisy and spread it via social media. A recent expose dubbed "Farm to Fable" in the Tampa Bay Times, widely circulated online, found that the "local" claims of some area restaurants were far from genuine. "If you throw those words around, whether on packaging or advertising or in a restaurant," Levine said, "someone may just pull back the curtain."

3. Waste not

Chains like Trader Joe's are touting their donations to local shelters and soup kitchens as food waste makes national headlines and gets skewered on John Oliver's HBO series, Last Week Tonight. It's the focus of award-winning documentary Just Eat It, which estimates that about 40 percent of the food purchased in the U.S. each year goes uneaten, wasting $165 billion in money, water, labor and energy.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, with agency SapientNitro and the Ad Council, addressed the problem in a PSA dubbed, "Save the Food," that followed a strawberry from birth on the vine to sad, furry death in the back of the fridge. Celebrity chefs stepped up their activism in the area – Mario Batali released a free mini-cookbook online called Ugly Food: A Collection for Earth Day this spring, asking home cooks and industry pros to embrace "cosmetically challenged produce," while Tom Colicchio continued his public crusade to cut waste via his non-profit Food Policy Action. Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson started integrating what could be considered scraps into their recipes at trendy Los Angeles restaurant LocoL and Dan Barber of Manhattan's famed Blue Hill created a pop-up event called wastED with famous chefs using culinary odds and ends.

4. Child's play

Cooking with Amber 

Chef Gordon Ramsay noticed how food-obsessed kids had become about five years ago, likely reflecting geek-friendly molecular gastronomy and access to simple recipes and demos online in a post-Ratatouille world, he said. Cooking started to outpace youth sports in popularity, with turnout for early Masterchef Junior auditions "much bigger than we'd predicted—just extraordinary," Ramsay said. Now you can't swing a dead carp without hitting a pint-sized culinary contest.

Food Network has nearly a half-dozen kid competitions—the latest, Kids BBQ Championship, launched in May—and FYI just kicked off the second season of its hit, Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown. Fox's successful staple Masterchef Junior, which premieres its fifth season this fall, has more adult-kid co-viewing than any other broadcast series on Friday nights.

Elsewhere, young chefs like Amber Kelley are increasing their digital influence while YouTube star Rosanna Pansino's Nerdy Nummies has racked up more than 25 million video views. There are cooking magazines and summer camps for tweens and teens, and merchandise that leaves the Easy-Bake Oven in the dust. "Kids really learn confidence and life skills by cooking," Ramsay said. "And they're now re-educating their parents on how to eat properly."

5. Culinary catwalk

 Urban Outfitters 
Starbucks tucked into Target stores have started selling beer and wine, and retailers like Urban Outfitters and Club Monaco are mixing food and fashion to lure consumers into their "lifestyle destinations." Urban Outfitters is rolling out more hip restaurants in their stores from superstar chefs Ilan Hall, Marc Vetri, Michael Symon and others. The new food-and-shopping combos are aimed squarely at millennials, trying to give them something they can't buy online: an experience.

"Today's consumers want to shop for shoes, hang out with their friends, have a meal, all in one place," said Lisa Shotland, agent in the lifestyle group at Hollywood's Creative Artists Agency. "Food is a great community builder."

One of the most recent openings: Urban's Space 24 Twenty in Austin with Symon's Burger Joint and Pizzeria Vetri. Still going strong: Hall's Israeli barbeque restaurant Esh, formerly The Gorbals, in Urban's Brooklyn location, which sports a busy rooftop bar. Meantime, Club Monaco opened a pop-up shop in Copenhagen's Noma, known as one of the best restaurants in the world. The curated collection, a first of its kind at the upscale eatery, earned a 12-page slideshow in GQ. Shotland predicts plenty more fusions of retail and restaurant brands.

6. It's a wrap

Not only does food need to be intriguing, the packaging it comes in should pull its weight, too. And increasingly it does, with marketers like Dominos in the U.K. redesigning its pizza boxes to looked exactly like oversized red and blue domino playing pieces, and McDonald's in Sweden launching Happy Meal boxes that turned into virtual reality headsets. Customization like Coke cans printed with your name and Diet Coke's unique digitally printed designs will continue to be popular, as the soda maker just kicked off a summer song lyrics promotion, putting phrases from All I Do is Win, We Are the Champions and other chart toppers alongside its iconic logo.

Packaging also has to serve other, higher purposes, being earth friendly, less wasteful and more informative. Old-fashioned, vintage-look wrappers are becoming common, especially for artisanal and small-batch products, and stripped down and streamlined is the order of the day. But it's dubbed essentialism—just the facts—rather than minimalism. And as in other food areas, story rules. "You have to talk about the origin and the benefit of the product," said Seguin, whose Popchips has gone through a full-scale packaging revamp lately. "That's the millennial mindset, and it's really driving decisions."
Full Article at : http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/8-food-marketing-trends-you-need-know-about-right-now-171680
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